Impact Investing

We work with our clients to help generate positive social and environmental returns alongside investment performance.

After more than a decade of investing for mission-driven clients, we know that "one-size" does not fit all.

We meet clients where they are, and design portfolios to meet their needs.

Begin with the basics in our Guide to Impact Investing, and
explore our impact in GEM's 2022 Impact Report.

Integrated Approach
Our impact team members are integrated into GEM's investment team, leveraging the talent and expertise of the entire GEM team developed over more than a decade serving mission-driven clients.
Rigorous Analysis
Impact investing must be centered on understanding the outcomes experienced by stakeholders. We partnered with the team at Bridges Impact Advisory to adapt and apply the Impact Management Project (IMP) framework to GEM's endowment-style portfolio. More detail on measuring impact in complex portfolios is available in this primer.
Meet Clients Where They Are
We partner with our clients to develop policies and strategies that reflect their long-term goals, and then work over time to align their portfolio to those objectives.
Returns Focused
We believe that investing for impact and investment performance are not mutually exclusive. We seek investments that fulfill clients' impact and investment objectives.
Industry Partnerships