Partner With Us

To our current and
future investment managers.

We seek to partner with exceptional individuals who are passionate about what they do. We look for lifelong learners—thoughtful and thorough in their work—who display integrity, humility, and respect for others.

While the above characteristics are prerequisites for all stewards of our clients’ capital, our public and private investment teams specifically look for:

Managers with both the analytical capabilities and temperament to exploit opportunities presented by “Mr. Market”. Almost without exception, we avoid traders and “black box” strategies that prevent us from understanding how returns are generated, and as a result, the likely persistence of those returns. Instead, our managers are experienced business analysts and skilled portfolio managers who are enthusiastic about the craft of investing.
Talented owner-operators, skilled in both sourcing unique opportunities and executing intensive asset management, value-enhancing programs. While financial engineering can make money, we believe it is a commoditized skill susceptible to changes in market conditions. A more resilient approach to creating lasting value is to grow earnings by improving business fundamentals and allocating capital judiciously.

A robust sourcing platform affords GEM the ability to be highly selective. Given our concentrated approach, we add few new relationships. When we do, we view our managers as partners, not agents, and we endeavor to be a supportive investor for many years.

If our approach resonates with you and you’re interested in exploring ways we might work together, please contact us—we would be pleased to start a conversation.